Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why I'll vote NO on prop 8 next Tuesday

We're one week to turning another page of history. One page I don't want to see turned is a page of personal freedom.

I will vote No on 8 next week, California.

California labor law protects against discrimination. The list is actually pretty extensive. You can't discriminate based on gender (Women staying in the house and cooking with the kids, that's a thing of 100 years ago), on national origin or ethnicity (that's a thing of 60 years ago), on age, on religion (and yes, that protects extreme catholics, extreme protestants, extreme muslims all alike), and lastly, on sexual orientation.

That's right. In your public life, no one can hire/not hire you because of what you do at home, in the apartment/house you rent or own. Why? because that doesn't hinder your ability to deliver good work. And that doesn't prevent you from paying taxes and contributing to society.
One could argue that other categories do (like religions that ask you not to work on certain days). But taking away the right to your beliefs is wrong. It's a direct attack on your basic right to freedom and to happiness.

If we allow all to be protected under California law for employment, in someone's public life, then why would it be justified to publicly rule on someone's private life? Why would be Ok to deprive a minority from basic rights to freedom and happiness?

I hope that you will comment on this post. And I hope you understand that Church and State are separate, and for a very good reason. The State services are not Church services; they shouldn't be. So I believe religious arguments are erroneous, and are not valid when it comes to matters of the State.

Looking forward to your thoughts... Caroline.
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