Tuesday, October 28, 2008

California, you disappoint me.

I'm not your mother. I'm not your father.
And yet, I have to power to tell you who you can, and can't marry.
Who am I?
A California voter.

And I'm thinking: What the hell?

Proposition 8 debates are emotional. They're personal.
You can give your friends the most rational arguments, and they won't budge. I do understand why this is an emotional, private issue. But it's about someone else's private, personal life. Not mine. Why do I get to decide how someone feels about the person they love? How do I, a complete stranger, get to decide on someone's love life, on their emotional future, on the decision that all of us take years to take?

Why do I get to decide on a complete stranger's commitment to the one they love? Isn't this worse than having your parents, your family, your church, decide of your marriage? A bunch of complete strangers will get to decide on an individual's private decision to commit their love and effort to their better half. And that's precisely where I feel disappointed in California. California's all about fulfilling your dream, your hopes; it's about becoming you... at your best. And that proposition, and the intrusion in someone else's life, is a huge let down for me.

I am proud of being able to know what's best for myself. I live in an apartment I rent thanks to wages I earn through long hours of hard work. I pay my bills. I don't have debt. I pay taxes. So why wouldn't have the same right to happiness?

I'm not going to tell my friend to get married or not to get married.
I'm not going to tell my family members to get married or not to get married.
I'm not going to tell YOU to get married or not to get married.
And I don't think I should even get to decide on a total stranger's right to get married or not to get married.

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