Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'll be back... with Lip Service

After seeing the "He Lied to Us" headline on the GOP website, I got to thinking about the incredible marketing campaign the GOP has run since the 80s, and the one take away message that has made the 20-55 white male segment of the population consistently vote against their self-interest. What is that? Oh yes, that's right, it's the party of No New taxes ... rather, it's the party of Alzheimer (no offense to my great-aunt).

Because unless you've just passed the age limit to drink, you'll remember that William Clinton ran on "Watch my lips: no new taxes" that had gotten George Bush Sr the presidency. Bush Sr had said the phrase, promised millions of middle-class Americans that he wouldn't take from their pockets. And what happened next? New taxes. Reminding millions of Americans that the GOP was all about Lip Service gave Clinton the office. And in contrast with Reagan doubling the national debt, and George W. Bush tripling the national debt and driving us in the chaotic economy we're now drowning it, the Clinton administration came out with a surplus. That's right. A surPLUS.

Last night was another great example of Lip Service, this time by our great Republican ambassador, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made the headlines of local news everywhere in California with new Budget Reform proposal, saying he wants to increase Income Tax by 5%. That's right. In this economy, with unemployment rising daily, our Gobernator, so adamant about democrats and taxes, wants to raise your taxes.

So yeah, the GOP will be back... with more Lip Service. But it's OK, because by then, you'll have forgotten...