Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The "W" word

That's right. Let's put it out there. We're getting married!!

I hadn't even taken a few inhales after the "Yes, of course!" that the "W" word was uttered. And in the last 3 weeks, it's been uttered a few gazillion times - and my contribution may have been 10.

So, what's next?

I've been trying to look at venues. What an education I've gotten. While magazines like "The Knot" want to say all brides-to-be are paranoid about being overcharged, and that weddings are just so much work it's ok to charge more, I've been floored at the pricing I've been given.

Well, when I'm given pricing. None of the places in Kauai have returned my emails. That's ok - I've Googled Kauai wedding prices, and quickly discarded the thought. Oh well, that'll have to be a honeymoon item.

The few places that have answered back have made me choke on my evening tea. Wine Roses in Lodi, CA (where the hell is that?) wants $10,000 without alcohol, for 4 hours on the premise, no music no flowers no taxes no gratuity included, pack up at 10:30pm, and, hold your thoughts, wants $300 per room per night. That's right. $300 per night for Lodi. And that's for the 50 people wedding in the courtyard. Difference between a Monday wedding and a Saturday wedding? $500.
Riiiiight. Next!

I've started looking at Sonoma, but there I've seen a lot of $10K-$15K numbers being thrown out, and that's not including food... which leaves me to wonder.
In this economy, who can afford overpriced catering and jacked up motel prices? And even if you can still afford it, why would you want to?

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